Episode 57 – Theme Hospital

September 26, 2014

Code blue, Blockers!

Welcome to episode 57, where I’ll be discussing the 1997 Bullfrog business simulation, Theme Hospital.

theme hospital box artFirstly, I make a small correction regarding some facts in the last show about Indianapolis 500: The Simulation.

But first, a bit of news:

Frontpage Sports Football is coming back!

Commander Keen has been open sourced!

Elite: Dangerous Beta 2 is releasing this month!

Blizzard has cancelled their long-running project Titan.

This Monkey Island Lego set needs your votes!

We then discuss the main topic, Theme Hospital. Gameplay, dev story, tech focus, etc.

Buy Theme Hospital on GoG:

Next time, we’ll be discussing the 1986 sci-fi adventure/RPG, Starflight.

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