Episode 62 – Broken Sword

December 21, 2014

Bonjour Blockers!

broken sword 1 box artIt’s time for episode 62 where I’ll be discussing the 1996 Revolution Software adventure series, Broken Sword.

Before we get to the main topic, we got two emails.

First, a great list of other retro-oriented podcasts:

  • Watch Out for Fireballs
  • Retro Gaming Roundup
  • You Don’t know Flack
  • Retrobits
  • W1S1: World One Stage One
  • No Quarter
  • IGN RetroCity
  • DOS Nostalgia Podcast
  • Three Moves Ahead
  • TADPOG: Tyler and Dave Play Old Games
  • Wired’s Gamelife
  • The Same Coin

Second, a recommendation for a fun SimCity style game called Constructor

We then get into all 5 games in the Broken Sword series in the usual way.

Also, we’re doing a Broken Sword giveaway! If you want a copy of the first game, send an email to podcast@umbcast.com with the subject line “Broken Sword Giveaway”.

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Next time, I’ll be looking at the 1996 RPG/FPS game, Strife from Rogue Entertainment.


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Episode 61 – Silent Service

November 30, 2014

Mr. Blocker, dive the ship!Silent Service box art

Welcome to episode 61 where I’ll be discussing the 1985 Microprose sub simulator, Silent Service.

As with last time, news is no longer covered on the main shows, you can check episode 60 for the latest retro PC gaming news as of last week. New news show coming in December!

In the main portion of the show we discuss all the ins and outs of Sid Meier’s great sub sims, Silent Service 1 and 2.

The original game was inspired by the novel “Clear the Bridge” by Richard O’Kane:

YouTube play session:

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Next time, I’ll be looking at the Broken Sword series from Revolution Software.


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Episode 60 – UMBNews November 2014

November 23, 2014

Good evening Blockers,

It’s the first news-only episode thanks to your incredible generosity on Patreon!

starting ms-dos

News discussed in this episode:

3D Realms bundle released:

Lucasarts games now available on GoG:

Star Citizen FPS module revealed:

Ken & Roberta Williams get a sneak peak of the new King’s Quest:

Tim Schafer discusses an open-world Grim Fandango sequel:

Thimbleweed Park, a retro adventure from the creators of Maniac Mansion:

Elite: Dangerous drops offline single player gameplay:

Hero U has a revised release date of October 15, 2015:


‘In Ten Years’ by H.P. Mendoza: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/everything-is-pop/id922961764

‘Pirate Shout’ by audio fidelity, Derek Meler, Eric Griffin, Marcus Affeldt: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02179

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Next time, I’ll be covering the 1985 Micoprose sub simulation, Silent Service.

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Episode 59 – Laura Bow

November 9, 2014

Good Evening Blockers!colonels bequest boxart

It’s time for episode 59, covering the 1989 Sierra Adventure series, the Laura Bow Mysteries.

Since we hit the 50 dollar/episode Patreon goal, the news has been moved into its own show, so look for the news rollup in the next few weeks!

We read some emails where we chat about two gaming related podcasts, Three Moves Ahead and Blue Cup Tools.

We then get to the main event, the Laura Bow Mysteries. We discuss both The Colonel’s Bequest and The Dagger of Amon Ra. All the usual topics are covered, including some more emails from you!

YouTube play session:

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Next time, I’ll be covering the 1985 Micoprose sub simulation, Silent Service.


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Episode 58 – Starflight

October 20, 2014

starflight box art
Standing by to maneuver, blockers!

Here is episode 58, where I’ll be covering the 1986 Binary Systems space exploration game, Starflight.

But first, some news:

Blizzard added assets from Warcraft 3 to the Blizzard Launcher.

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition is out and ready for purchase!

Check out indie game The Fall

Then, we get to the Starflight series. We discuss the two games in the usual manner.

YouTube playlist:

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Next time, we’ll be discussing some Sierra adventures with the Laura Bow series.


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Episode 57 – Theme Hospital

September 26, 2014

Code blue, Blockers!

Welcome to episode 57, where I’ll be discussing the 1997 Bullfrog business simulation, Theme Hospital.

theme hospital box artFirstly, I make a small correction regarding some facts in the last show about Indianapolis 500: The Simulation.

But first, a bit of news:

Frontpage Sports Football is coming back!

Commander Keen has been open sourced!

Elite: Dangerous Beta 2 is releasing this month!

Blizzard has cancelled their long-running project Titan.

This Monkey Island Lego set needs your votes!

We then discuss the main topic, Theme Hospital. Gameplay, dev story, tech focus, etc.

Buy Theme Hospital on GoG:

Next time, we’ll be discussing the 1986 sci-fi adventure/RPG, Starflight.

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Episode 56 – Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

September 8, 2014

Start your engines blockers!

indianapolis 500 the simulationIn episode 56, we discuss the 1989 Papyrus Design Group racing sim, Indianapolis 500: The Simulation.

First though, we go through quite a few emails covering your thoughts on the “Sierra Revival” that I talked about on the last episode, including a link to Brano’s blog post where he goes into more detail on his thoughts.

We then get into the main topic, Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. We discuss all the usual suspects including gameplay, dev story and tech focus.

Sadly, there’s nowhere to legally get the game in digital form, but if you’re interested in the most current racing game from the developer, check out http://www.iracing.com/.

Next time, I’ll be heading back to Bullfrog land with another simulation, Theme Hospital.

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Episode 55 – Sierra Revival

August 24, 2014

Breaking news Blockers…

It’s time for episode 55, an “extended memory” episode. In these extended memory shows, I break format to do something a little bit different.

new sierra logo

In light of the recent news of Activision reviving the Sierra brand, I decided to dedicate and entire show to your thoughts, my thoughts and the history of Sierra in relation to this potentially game-changing news.

I also got an email informing me of an “in development” fan remake of King’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella. You can find more info on it here:


We’ll get back on track with the “regularly scheduled” UMBCast on Indianapolis 500: The Simulation next week.

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Episode 54 – Sid Meier’s Pirates!

August 4, 2014

Ahoy Blockers!

sid meier's pirates boxartWelcome to episode 54 where we’ll be discussing the 1987 Microprose action/adventure/strategy title Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Now this is when I usually have the news, I’ve decided for the time being to drop the news section from the show and see how that goes. If you think I should put the news back in, let me know at podcast@umbcast.com.

We then get to the main event, Pirates! As always we discuss the genre, story, gameplay, tech focus and dev story.

Also, a bit of a recommendation: Friend of the show Chris was recently on the DOS Nostalgia Podcast and did an AMAZING rundown of DOS-era flight sims. If you have any fond memories of flight sims, you should check out episode 9 of the show (in addition to other shows on other topics).

Find it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdzAxtVRVNc

Buy Pirates! Gold Plus on GoG:

Buy Sid Meier’s Pirates! (2004) on Steam:

Buy Sid Meier’s Pirates iPad on the App Store:

Next time, we’ll be racing into 1989 with Papyrus’ Indianapolis 500: The Simulation.


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Episode 53 – Willy Beamish

July 2, 2014

willy beamish box artHowdy Blockers!

In episode 53 we discuss the 1991 Dynamix adventure game, The Adventures of Willy Beamish.

Not much in the news this week.

It appears Star Citizen’s pre-alpha multiplayer functionality has just gone live.

Also, both the Steam and GoG.com summer sales have ended. I hope everyone had a good haul.

We then get into the main topic, Willy Beamish where we discuss the story, unique gameplay, technology and development.

Watch me play at: http://youtu.be/urfBHlGbyQo

Also, don’t forget about the Telltale Sam & Max giveaway! Email me with the subject line “Sam & Max Giveaway” for a chance to win!

Next time I’ll be covering my second Sid Meier game, Sid Meier’s Pirates!

See you then!

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