Episode 110 – Wing Commander Round Up

June 19, 2018

Hey there Blockers,

In a very special UMBCast, for the second time ever I have a live guest! I dragged my friend and fellow podcaster Brian “Space Game Junkie” Rubin to sit with me and talk Wing Commander.

Specifically, in light of my recent complete playthrough of Wing Commander 2 on the YouTube channel, I wanted to sit down with someone to discuss that game in particular. Of course, we couldn’t just limit ourselves to JUST WC2 so of course we discuss the entire series with a bit more of a focus on the second game then on the others. We also get into a discussion about successors to Wing Commander, what made it special compared to other famous space combat sims and of course, we couldn’t avoid talking a bit about Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.


Find Brian and all his content at https://www.spacegamejunkie.com/

My YouTube “UMB Plays” of Wing Commander 2:

Digital Antiquarian article on Wing Commander II:

Buy Wing Commander 1 and 2 on GoG:

Wing Commander CCG:

Next Episode:

Next time, we’ll be covering the 1994 Diversions Entertainment fighting game, One Must Fall: 2097.

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