Episode 56 – Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

September 8, 2014

Start your engines blockers!

indianapolis 500 the simulationIn episode 56, we discuss the 1989 Papyrus Design Group racing sim, Indianapolis 500: The Simulation.

First though, we go through quite a few emails covering your thoughts on the “Sierra Revival” that I talked about on the last episode, including a link to Brano’s blog post where he goes into more detail on his thoughts.

We then get into the main topic, Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. We discuss all the usual suspects including gameplay, dev story and tech focus.

Sadly, there’s nowhere to legally get the game in digital form, but if you’re interested in the most current racing game from the developer, check out http://www.iracing.com/.

Next time, I’ll be heading back to Bullfrog land with another simulation, Theme Hospital.

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  1. Very nice coverage of this overlooked, very well-programmed gem of the era. The realization of Kaemmer that his target platform could only manage 30 polygons was key — the entire game is constantly managing detail to not exceed those limits. It may be the first game ever to have this kind of level-of-detail management, actually.

    • Absolutely. I realize I didn’t really stress that impressive fact enough.

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