Episode 9 – Red Baron

July 19, 2012

Greetings Blockers!

This week we travel back to World War I with the great 1990 Dynamix/Sierra combat flight sim, Red Baron.

Red Baron (1990) box art
Before we get to that, it’s news time:

GameTrailers.com is reporting that the original Wasteland will be included with the upcoming Wasteland 2. Pre-orders are available from the developer’s site.

The Steam Summer Sale is on! Lots of great deals to be had here including quite a few games I’ve covered on the podcast. It runs until July 22nd socheck it out while it lasts.

Finally on to the main topic, Red Baron. As usual, I talk genre, story, gameplay, tech specs and a bit of development story. I also inadvertently provide a lesson on the basic mechanics of flight!

Download Red Baron for free from Wings of Honour.

Buy the Red Baron Pack on GoG.com.

Next week, by popular demand, we return to 1995 to talk about the Descent series by Parallax Software. Hope to see you then!

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  1. “Kinda like a canvas tent with wings.” That line alone made the podcast worth listening to, I was cracking up! I was skeptical about a one-man podcast at first, but I have to say, you keep pulling it off, week after week. I don’t remember playing Red Baron but this was nonetheless a very interesting episode (the tech focus segment was great!).
    And you’re welcome, commenting is the least I can do! Your podcast is interesting, informative, insightful, I’m greatly enjoying it!!

    • You actually made me go back and listen to that ep again, I didn’t remember saying that!

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