Episode 75 – Rebellion

July 2, 2015

Blockers, I have some information which might be useful!

It’s time for episode 75 where I discuss the 1998 Lucasarts strategy game, Star Wars: Rebellion.

Rebellion Boxart

First, I’ve been off so I’ve been playing games and watching TV so I talk about that a bit.

Check out the interesting little programming puzzle game TIS-100:

Also I quickly discuss the AMC series Halt and Catch Fire:

We then get to Rebellion, where we discuss the story, tons about the gameplay, tech focus, dev story, some emails and voicemails and of course my opinion as to whether or not it holds up.

Buy Rebellion on GoG:

Next time, I’ll be covering the 1989 Microprose military simulation, M1 Tank Platoon.


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