Episode 65 – Patreon Hangout: Firsts

January 18, 2015

Hey there Blockers,

This week we did something very special. I got together with some of my Patrons and we had an incredibly fun discussion (and quite a few drinks) all about our gaming firsts. Early gaming memories, first CD ROM games, first gaming machines, music, sound cards, pirating and much, much more.


Thanks very much to all the patrons for making this discussion possible and thanks especially to Brian, Troels, Tomer and AmayriotAkago for taking two hours out of their Saturdays to participate.

Note: This is a bunch of us hanging around and drinking, so suffice it to say we swear a bit.

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Next time, I’ll be looking at the 1993 space sim/trading game, Wing Commander: Privateer.


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