Episode 33 – Monkey Island

July 14, 2013

Ahoy Blockers!

This week, we’re covering the 1990 LucasArts adventure, The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequels.

monkey island boxartI got my hands on Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded. I played an hour or two and so for, I’m luke warm on the game. A more complete review will come later on.

Two items of Steam news:

Firstly, the Steam Summer Sale is on! Lots of old games here to be had.

Secondly, I have created a steam group for the show, join up!

The winner of the retro game music bundle contest announced! I hope Jeffery enjoys his bundle.

Then we get to the main topic, the Monkey Island series. We go through the story, gameplay, tech specs and history for the entire series up to today.

Buy The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition on Steam:

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Buy Tales of Monkey Island on GoG:

Buy Tales on Monkey Island on Steam:

Next week, we’ll be covering the great space sim series, Descent Freespace.

See you then!

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  1. My daughter is upset with me that I didn’t mention the very best moment in Monkey Island 2: The time where you Nail the offensive salesman Stan into a coffin and leave him there. At least he stays there until Curse Of Monkey Island.

  2. Was just listening to this episode again today, and I completely agree: this is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the UMBcast!! =D
    And Father Beast is right, nailing Stan in the coffin was priceless!!! I still remember the first time we did that, my cousins, sister and I were just falling over ourselves laughing!

    • Yup! So many great memories. I guess it comes across when I REALLY love a game.

  3. Great episode! I am absolutely floored that you were able to talk about Monkey Island for an hour — and never mentioned Murray! ARRRRRRRRRGGH!

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