Episode 19 – X-COM: Enemy Unknown

December 13, 2012

Welcome once again Blockers!

A little early, episode 19 is here. This week we change gears a bit and talk about a new and current game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

XCOM Enemy Unknown box artFirst things first though, a bit of news:

The remake of the original Leisure Suit Larry has been submitted to Steam Greenlight, give it a vote so they can make it onto Steam for distribution!

The new Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is now available for iPad both from the app store.

GoG.com’s winter sale is currently under weigh, over 450 games are on sale including many great games I’ve already covered. Some great deals to be had on both old and new games.

Then, on to our main topic, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I don’t cover the history of the whole series, I do that back in episode 4. I try to keep to the standard format as much as possible, we talk genre, story, gameplay ad dev story.

Buy XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam:

Next time I’ll be talking about the 1999 space sim, Independence War.


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  1. Great review…Have been playing Xcom E.U. myself now for about two weeks. My first game I got very behind schedule because I did not understand that it was countries with satellites that I should be placing fighter jets. I just sent them wherever there was panic so was quickly in the red. The 2nd game I decided to go Ironman, but on normal setting. Early on I met the 6 legged creatures I call Evisorators. They quickly turned half my squad into zombies and I lost all my veterans. In theI Ironman spirit I carried on and was doing pretty well until I did not like the way a battle was going. I figured I would restart at a previous save and exit so I selected Abandon Mission and Return to Home Base. Upon my return I see all my squad is dead for having selected that option, which seems unfair! I thought it was like a retreat and all of Europe was in Panic. I quit using the PS button but upon return the game has auto saved at the the Panic mode…Screwed!
    I started again and things are going very well this time…No Ironman. I don’t mind the hardness I like a challenge. I loved the Demon Souls and Dark Souls games but TBS is my fav.

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