Episode 13 – Mechwarrior

September 13, 2012

Hey there Blockers!

Time for episode 13! This week we delve into the world of Mechwarrior and Battletech.

Mechwarrior 2 box artSince I’m such a big fan of this series, I’ve got too much to say, so I forego the news except for one small item: Over the weekend I guest hosted Treks in Sci Fi episode 401. There I talk about two 90s Star Trek adventure games by Interplay. Check it out if you’d like!

Then we quickly get into things. I talk about both Mechwarrior and Mechwarrior 2. I cover quite a bit of Battletech backstory, how the games differ, gameplay, tech focus on each and a great development story.

In current Mechwarrior news, I discuss the upcoming game, Mechwarrior Online.

I discuss how to get these games running using the community-made source port, MechVM.

Finally, we listen to a great voicemail, I give my verdict as to whether or not Mechwarrior holds up today and close out the show.

Next week: The really cool Sierra adventure game series, Gabriel Knight.

Enjoy episode 13!

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  1. […] played Mechwarrior? Billybob476 is back on the Upper Memory Block podcast to talk about the game. I had never gotten into this series, but apparently its a lot of […]

  2. Hello Joe, I recently subscribed to your podcast and listened to the past shows with my favorite games.
    I have a question regarding this particular podcast back from 2012. So you mentioned MechWarrior Online, which was still basically a dark horse in its closed beta state, but since then quite a bit of a time has passed and the game got released and showed its true face.
    My question is, what is your current thoughts on this game? Do you still play it, enjoy it, or hate it?

    Thanks for a great show and cheers from a fellow Battletech fan!

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