Episode 12 – Railroad Tycoon

August 30, 2012

Hey Blockers!

The time has come for episode 12! This time around, we look into our first game from the king of simulation, Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon.

Before we dive into the business simulation pool, some news:

Railroad Tycoon Box ArtCommand & Conquer: Generals 2 will apparently not be a traditional retail boxed game. Initially, it will be released as a free to play multiplayer online game with a single player campaign to follow.

In Kickstarter news, the creator of the Broken Sword series has started a campaign with the goal of funding a new game in the Broken Sword series. There’s still quite a bit of time left so check it out!

Finally, Chris Pope of the Guys from Andromeda podcast recently interviewed Lori and Corey Cole, creators of the original Quest for Glory series. In the great audio interview they discuss memories of working at Sierra and also discuss their new project, The School for Heroes.

We then get on to the main topic, the very deep, detailed and challenging 1990 business simulation game, Railroad Tycoon. As usual we talk genre, gameplay, dev story and the rest.

Download Railroad Tycoon Deluxe for free

Get Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3 on Steam.

Next time, we join the clans with Mechwarrior! Hope to see you then!

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