Episode 85 – Hangout #4 – Feelings About Feelies

January 17, 2016

Hey Blockers!

Time for our long overdue fourth Patreon hangout! This time, Brian, Tomer, Craig, Martin and Troels chat with me about feelies, manuals, boxes, vibrators from games we loved.


Here are a few links that cropped up over the course of the hangout (in no particular order because I don’t plan well):

Kotaku article about Martin getting his Starfox cart signed by Miyamoto:

The “Rez vibrator” (possibly NSFW):

“Gameplay” by Jim Cuomo:

Tomer’s collection Flickr album:

Next time, I’ll be chatting all about SimTower from Maxis, see you then!

Stream the show live:

Direct download:

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