Episode 58 – Starflight

October 20, 2014

starflight box art
Standing by to maneuver, blockers!

Here is episode 58, where I’ll be covering the 1986 Binary Systems space exploration game, Starflight.

But first, some news:

Blizzard added assets from Warcraft 3 to the Blizzard Launcher.

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition is out and ready for purchase!

Check out indie game The Fall

Then, we get to the Starflight series. We discuss the two games in the usual manner.

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Next time, we’ll be discussing some Sierra adventures with the Laura Bow series.


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  1. […] (which is excellent if y’all haven’t listened to it) have a new episode covering Starflight! Yay! The host also released videos of his playing the first and second game, which are […]

  2. Exceptional show, lots of fun to listen to! I’m really glad you found the games to be as awesome as us fans do. 🙂 I don’t know if I can agree that the second game is better though, since it actually ends. 😉

    Question though, how did you get all that awesome inside info on the development?

    • I usually start from Wikipedia and then google-fu it out from there. Sometimes it takes me to strange places that have scans of old magazine articles and lots of trips to archive.org for old web interviews. There’s usually quite a bit of info that’s pretty easily accessible.

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