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Episode 94 – Tyrian

August 24, 2016

Hey there Blockers!

Time for episode 94 where I cover the 1995 Eclipse Software / Epic Megagames shoot ’em up, Tyrian!


First though, I read through some emails I missed out on in the last show discussing Day of the Tentacle.

Then we do as we do and dive deep into the various versions and game modes of Tyrian!


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Remastered Graphics (From Daniel Cook):

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Ending music:
“Data Flux” by Magellanic

Next time, we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with the Spectrum Holobyte adventure Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity.


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Episode 93 – Extended Memory – DOOM 2016

July 22, 2016

Rip and tear Blockers!

DOOM art

It’s time for episode 93 where I’ll be covering a newer game in my Extended Memory format. This time we’ll be talking about the newly released version of DOOM.

I discuss all the usual UMB stuff but with a more modern twist, then hear from some of you guys!

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DOOM Demo:

Next time we’ll be hitting a shoot ’em up, I think our first, Tyrian!

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Episode 92 – Extended Memory – Warcraft (2016)

June 20, 2016

Zug zug blockers!

In this super special surprise episode, I get together with my friends Brian and Bianca of the Square Waves FM podcast for an unprecedented, never before done joint episode!


Why would we perpetrate such an occurrence you ask? Well, the three if of ventured out to the theatre and saw Warcraft on opening night. At the time, we thought it’d be a great idea to get together and record our thoughts. Brian and Bianca were kind enough to run the board while I was travelling, so I called them from Seattle/Tacoma International airport and we got our thoughts down live to hard drive.

I hope you enjoy the show (and please forgive my less then ideal audio from my iPhone headset).

Square Waves FM:
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Brian on Twitter:
Bianca on Twitter:

Still forthcoming, yet another “extended memory” podcast discussing the recently released DOOM remake/sequel/whatever it may be.

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Episode 91 – Day of the Tentacle

June 7, 2016


Welcome to episode 91 wherein I continue my journey through the so-called “Maniac Mansion series” with the sequel, 1993’s Day of the Tentacle.


A ton of email and voicemail this week makes for an extra long show, thanks to all for their participation!

Buy Day of the Tentacle Remastered on GOG:

Buy Day of the Tentacle Remastered on Steam:

Check out Thimbleweed Park:

and especially their amazing development blog:

and their weekly standup meeting podcast:

Next time, we’ll be doing an Extended Memory episode on a newer game, the recently released DOOM (2016).

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Episode 90 – Hangout #5 – Diamonds in the Rough

May 29, 2016

Time for yet another Patreon hangout!

This time around, Brian, Troels, Tomer and I get together to talk about “Diamond in the Rough” games! We discuss a huge number of games that didn’t receive the attention they deserved for one reason or another.
Here’s an incomplete list of games covered, see how many you’ve heard of!

Rise of the Robots
Round 42
Black Dahlia
Death Rally
Labyrinth of Time
High Octane
Nuclear War
Cyber Empires / Steel Empires
Castle of Dr. Brain
Spiderman & Venom: Separation Anxiety
Tron 2.0

and that’s not even all of them! Thanks to the guys for participating and remember, if YOU want to join in on these great hangouts, you just need to give to the show at the 5 dollar or higher level over at

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Episode 89 – Maniac Mansion

May 2, 2016

Howdy Blockers!

Here’s big episode 89 wherein I discuss the primordial Lucasfilm Games adventure game, Maniac Mansion!


Play Maniac Mansion in DOTT Remastered:

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Maniac Mansion Deluxe (free enhanced fan game):

The Expurgation of Maniac Mansion for the Nintendo Entertainment System:

Next time, we’ll have the second part in this series with Day of the Tentacle!

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Episode 88 – Jagged Alliance

April 10, 2016

Hey there Blockers!

Here is episode 88 wherein I discuss the great Sir-Tech Software turn based tactical strategy series, Jagged Alliance.


Read Darius Kazemi’s deep dive into Jagged Alliance 2:

Buy Jagged Alliance on GoG:

Buy Jagged Alliance 2 on GoG:

Jagged Alliance on Steam:

Next time, I’ll be heading back to the roots of SCUMM with Maniac Mansion!

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Episode 87 – Magic Carpet

March 6, 2016

Salaam Blockers!

This time around, we’re discussing the 1994 Bullfrog 3D shooter, Magic Carpet.

magic carpet box art

After some emails, we dive into all the regular topics, story, gameplay, tech focus, dev story and your thoughts before I give my verdict on whether or not the game holds up today.

Settings for high resolution:

Buy Magic Carpet on GoG:

Buy Magic Carpet 2 on GoG:

Next time, I’ll be covering the 1994 turn based strategy series, Jagged Alliance.

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Episode 86 – SimTower

February 11, 2016

Ever higher, Blockers!

simtower box art

It’s episode 86 where I focus on the 1994 Maxis construction management sim, SimTower.

As always we read a bunch of emails and dive deep into genre, gameplay, tech focus and dev story before hearing if I think this unique game holds up today.

Sadly there’s no legal place to buy SimTower aside from finding a used CD.

Next time, I’ll be touching on the 1994 Bullfrog 3D shooter, Magic Carpet.


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Episode 85 – Hangout #4 – Feelings About Feelies

January 17, 2016

Hey Blockers!

Time for our long overdue fourth Patreon hangout! This time, Brian, Tomer, Craig, Martin and Troels chat with me about feelies, manuals, boxes, vibrators from games we loved.


Here are a few links that cropped up over the course of the hangout (in no particular order because I don’t plan well):

Kotaku article about Martin getting his Starfox cart signed by Miyamoto:

The “Rez vibrator” (possibly NSFW):

“Gameplay” by Jim Cuomo:

Tomer’s collection Flickr album:

Next time, I’ll be chatting all about SimTower from Maxis, see you then!

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